Eleider Alvarez Slumps Seals, Felix Verdejo Decisions Rojas

By: William Holmes

The Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York was the
host site of tonight’s Top Rank Promotions card televised live on ESPN. 

The co-main event of the night was a lightweight contest
between Felix Verdejo (25-1) and Manuel Rey Rojas (18-3).

Verdejo took the center of the ring early on and was active with his jab.  Rojas attacked to the body of Verdejo, but neither boxer was taking many risks in the opening rounds.

Photo Credit: Top Rank Promotions Twitter Account

Rojas looked unafraid of Verdejo’s power in the second round,
but was getting outworked.  Verdejo had
backed Rojas into the corner in the third round and was landing his lead left

Rojas had moderate success in the middle rounds, especially
when he kept the fight in close.  Verdejo
remained the more active fighter, but appeared to fade as the rounds

Verdejo’s face was a little marked up by the eight round,
and Rojas looked to have more energy than Verdejo by the ninth, but Verdejo was
active enough to win the later rounds, as his jab remained accurate and he
covered up well during Rojas’ combinations.

It wasn’t an impressive victory for Verdejo, but he did
enough to win the bout.

Felix Verdejo won with scores of 99-91, 97-93, and 98-92.

Top Rank’s promotional arm was in full force after the
Verdejo fight, as their analysts hyped up that upcoming pay per view.

The main event of the evening was between Eleider Alvarez
(24-1) and Michael Seals (24-2)
in the light heavyweight division. 

Both boxers are slightly past their athletic prime, but both
are still known for their power, especially Seals.

Both boxers came out in an orthodox stance and Alvarez was
on the attack early.  Seals complained
about being punched behind the head in the first and Alvarez was warned by the

Alvarez continued to press the pace on Seals in the second
round and was able to land some hard overhand rights.  Seals looked frustrated by the third round
and Alvarez’s technical prowess over Seals was evident.

Seals did some good body work in the fourth round, but most
of his punches were blocked by Alvarez. 
Alvarez kept his distance in the fifth round and landed a vicious straight
right at the end of the round.

Alvarez was effective with his jab in the sixth and seventh
rounds and was able to keep Seals at a safe distance while landing the cleaner

Alvarez was able to end it in the seventh round with a bomb
of an overhand right that sent Seals crashing to the mat.  Seals was unable to get up before the count of

Eleider Alvares wins by knockout in the seventh round.