Fury attends WWE Smackdown, causes a ruckus

Tyson Fury, advertised nicely as the LINEAL!!! heavyweight champion of the world, was shown in the crowd on tonight’s big WWE Smackdown premiere on FOX, and then — y’know, because he’s Tyson Fury — he took the chance to have some fun and get involved in the show, getting into a confrontation of sorts involving WWE star Braun Strowman and a security team.

Here’s the setup:

And here’s the part specifically involving Fury:

Fury is, similar to pro wrestlers, a larger than life personality, so of all the boxers in the game today to get involved in a WWE angle, he’d probably be high on the list of those you suspect. Plus it’s good promotion, and Top Rank can use anything that makes Fury a bigger star, even if it means showcasing him in pro wrestling on what is a rival network boxing-wise.

Plus, if Wilder-Fury II goes ahead in Feb. 2020, that figures to be a FOX/ESPN co-promotion, so no harm in getting him out there. It’s unlikely to make a bunch of wrestling fans want to watch boxing if they don’t already, but it also never hurts to try.

Anyway, that’s that. A silly thing that happened. Try to relax, it’s just a post on a web site. We all know rasslin is make believe.