Julio Cesar Martinez vs. Cristofer Rosales For Vacant WBC Title

Mexico’s Julio César ‘Rey’ Martínez and former Nicaraguan world champion Cristofer Rosales will collide on December 13 for the vacant flyweight world title of the World Boxing Council, according to the sanctioning body president Mauricio Sulaimán.

Sulaiman informed ESPN Deportes that Martinez and Rosales will clash for the title left vacant by British boxer Charlie Edwards.

Edwards vacated the belt several days ago, after indicating that he was no longer capable of making the 112-pound division limit.

Back in August, Martinez initially scored a third round stoppage over Edwards to capture the title.

The outcome was quickly changed after instant replay revealed that Martinez hit Edwards while he was already down. The end-result was changed to a no-contest.

“The fight between ‘Rey’ Martínez and former champion Cristofer Rosales is a fact, it was ordered and they have an agreement to meet on December 13, and we will be watching them in the fight for the vacant world championship. Martínez was seconds away from glory, a mistake as we all can make, took it away, but he has the opportunity to return,” Sulaiman said.

Martinez is currently ranked at number one, and Rosales is second in the world. There were some doubts about whether or not Cristofer was going to be able to score 112 pounds, but they have confirmed to the organizers of the fight that it is a fact that he can make the division limit.

Regarding the headquarters of the contest, it seems that nothing has been defined. One of the possibilities is that the fight takes place Japanese soil. Cristofer is promoted by Akihiko Honda of Teiken Promotions, while the promotional firm of Eddy Reynoso, who handles Martinez’, would have no problem going to Asian soil.

Julio César will come to the fight with a 14-1 record and 11 knockouts, in addition to the recent no-contest, while Cristofer, who was dethroned in December by Edwards, will do so with a record of 29-4 and 20 knockouts after beating Eliecer Quezada in August.