Pros react to KSI’s split decision win over Logan Paul

It wasn’t the prettiest fight you’ll ever see and sure, there are some Boxing Traditionalists out there frothing at the mouth that two novice boxers headlined a show over a couple of world titleholders, but KSI and Logan Paul put over 12,000 people into Los Angeles’ Staples Center tonight, and the feeling among the pros who bothered tuning in seems to be that they did fine, all things considered.

KSI won by split decision, if you haven’t heard.

Not many watched, at least on my Twitter feed, but the ones who did weren’t having rage tantrums, leaving that to others. Amir Khan, Enzo Maccarinelli, Ryan Garcia (who called the fight ringside for DAZN), and Chris Eubank Jr, among others, were relatively positive about the show.

“It was entertaining,” seems to be the consensus. And that’s really all the show set out to be from day one.

You’ve even got Tony Harrison, current 154-pound titleholder, praising Logan Paul’s natural instincts for the sport.

Anyway, here’s what the pros had to say: