Wilder Details How He Set Up ‘Masterpiece’ KO of Luis Ortiz

Last Saturday night, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder once again scored a one-punch knockout victory – this time in a rematch with Luis Ortiz. 

Down on all three official scorecards as they entered the seventh round, Wilder landed a single right hand to put Ortiz down for the full count at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The outcome has been a common occurrence in Wilder bouts. He starts slow, falls behind in the first half, and then changes the entire fight with a single punch.

Wilder explained that he’s not overly concerned with winning rounds, but more concerned with following the game plan of his corner and finding the right moment to end the fight.

“You got to have practice, you got to have skill, and you got to know when the right perfect time to use it,” Wilder said to MMA Tonight on Sirius XM

“With my opponents I get in the ring with, it’s all about that, the calculating, the timing, setting up, everything that it does for me becomes a muscle memory. Although I start off slow in rounds, I’m well alert. I’m ready for anything that comes my way. I’m trying to see whatever reaction I have to my action.

“I know that being in there with Ortiz the first time, I know that he’s a great counter-puncher so he’s going to react very fast to what I do. So with him I had to time it more. All in all, if you go back to the seventh round, the last couple of seconds, that’s when I really came out with my masterpiece. I blinded him, I mesmerized him with four jabs in his face and came around, I took a step to my left which was to his right, I came up with the fake jab and came right down the middle with the right hand, it was perfect. I knew the angle was perfect cause I started to feel it as the rounds came down.

“That’s why I tell people do not blink when it comes to me cause I’m calculating everything, I’m strategically moving, and my intellect in this ring is very, very high although people don’t understand it. But my favorite saying is, what’s understood don’t have to be explained.”

Wilder is back on February 22nd, when he faces Tyson Fury in a rematch of their December 2018 encounter, which ended in a twelve round split draw.